About this place

Welcome, wanderer.

My name is Vanya. I'm a writer. My work probes contemporary and near-future issues through a lens of whimsy and dark humour, influenced by diverse genres such as magical realism, sci-fi, fantasy, satire, etm.

Nova Nevedoma is my little corner of the internet. It’s where I publish all my fiction and essays and connect with my readers. I’m also a regular contributor to Soaring Twenties publication.

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Currently, I’m working on my first novel which I’m sure you don’t want to miss.

Where to start?

I have a novella, it’s kind of genre-less, but has fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, crime elements:

The Debut Project
a novella

And a couple of my favourite short stories I wrote

  • Monsters — in the darkest hour, an imaginary hero brings hope and courage.
  • The Blue Pill Of Atlantis — a nostalgic merman's tale of a fading Atlantis, where the past and present collide in a sea of forgotten wisdom.
  • Bewildering Wilderness — in the heart of a storm, one man's quest for spirits becomes a battle with his own.
  • The Unremitting Moneday — virtual gems, real dilemmas: a journey through the moral maze of digital entertainment.
  • For Whom The Universe Caws — a story of a vagabond who made friends with a raven.

and three essays:

and two translations (from Russian):