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The Notorious
Nova Nevédoma


This page is an eclectic catalogue of all my published works. You can find short stories, novellas of various genres and themes, from sci-fi, fantasy, magic realism, and romance, to satire, absurd, surreal, and genre-defying experimental pieces.

If you want to learn more about what my writing is like, check out this hand-curated index of my stories:

Ebook store

Below is the link to my Gumroad digital bookstore. 90% of revenue made this way go directly to me. That's the best way to support me if you're looking for buying my books in digital formats.

Upcoming books

Deleted Scenes from the Bestselling Utopian Novel
Poignant, visceral, uncompromising, and laced with savage, absurdist humor, “Deleted Scenes” is a dream-like mosaic offering a glimpse into a haunting dystopia, posing the question: in the darkest nightmare, is there still hope?

Collections & Anthologies

The Debut Project and Other Stories
An eclectic collection of 1 novella, 14 short stories and ∞ of the weird and wonderful

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