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Transcendental Memes

10 min

“I am so fuckin’ transcended in my cognition as if I have lived for a hundred trillion of billions of fuckin’ years on trillions of trillions of fucking planets, like this Earth…”

Imagine internet memes as artefacts, knots on the thread of time that inflict the same changes on the course of humanity’s history as the Renaissance and Roaring Twenties did. This, let’s be honest, cannot be said about all of the memes. The majority of them become obsolete in a matter of days or weeks – what we lol and rofl about today loses its charm tomorrow, leaving no knot on the thread. For a second, imagine the opposite will happen. Imagine how some of the memes will survive and become subjects of study for future researchers specialising in the culture or the absence of it at the beginning of the 21st century.

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