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The Debut Project

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a novella

Dear wanderer,

Happy to introduce to you my novella called The Debut Project! It’s divided into four chapters, 27 000 words in total, about 2 hours of reading time on average. This post serves as its table of contents.

The story follows two young debt-ridden engineers and their cat trying to finish their debut project and survive in a big fantasy city full of crime. If I were to assign genres to it, I’d choose fantasy, comedy, crime; it has some sci-fi and -punk-ish vibes, and presents a rather mix of different genres.

To give a better glimpse of it, here’s an introductory remark from the narrator himself:

Events in the [Debut Project] are depicted more or less as they happened to commemorate the dead, but at the request of the survivors all names have been altered. The story features criminal activities of differing severity, including those made without malice and those made by a group of conspirators, minor derogatory and discriminatory connotations of Chudes and Zmeis, cruelty towards cats, ultraviolent and bloody mass killings, and good portions of buffoonery and ribaldry.
An illustration made by Ilia Bagaev, featuring two central characters and their cat busy at work.

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The table of contents:

And an epub for those who prefer to read it this way (only for patrons):

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